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Over 40 years in India and 25 years abroad.


PSPC Interlocks

PSPC Interlocks have been in service for over 40 years in India and 25 years abroad. They are trusted by customers in UK, Germany, other parts of Europe, Middle East and Far East. The interlocks are available in Figure type and Computer Coded Pin type models. The locks come with polished mirror finish, and are manufactured out of solid brass or stainless steel for applications in highly corrosive environments and the food industry. The lock body is manufactured out of machined single piece forgings for superior mechanical strength.

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Trapped Key Interlocks For Every Industry

Electrical Isolation

Oil & Gas

Electrostatic Precipitators

Process Industry

Robotics & Automation

Mining Railways

Machine Tools


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Some standard applications

Application guide

  • Single Isolation/Single Access
  • Single Isolation/Delayed Single Access
  • Single Isolation/Multiple Access
  • Single Isolation/Interactive Access
  • Multiple Sequential Isolation/Single Access
  • Multiple Isolation/Multiple Access
  • Power Isolation/Delayed Access
  • Locks for Electrical Distribution system
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